9/25/14  Added Wilderness and Rewilding page

9/16/14  Added Nature Religion page

9/12/14  Added the Ecofeminism page

9/09/14  Major revision to the Feminist Spirituality Movement page

Added the Anima Mundi: The Soul of the World page

9/05/14  Added the Ecopsychology page

9/03/14  Added the Ecotheology page

9/01/14  Added the Deep Ecology page

8/30/14  Added the Timeline of the Environmental Movement and Eco-Paganism page

Major revision to the Animism page

8/29/14  Added the Aldo Leopold: Thinking Like a Mountain page

Added the Rachel Carson: A cry in the wilderness that changed the world page

8/28/14  Added the How earth-centered are Neo-Pagans really? page

        Added the John Muir page

8/27/14  Major revision to the Nature Religion page

8/26/14  Major revision to the California Cosmology page

8/25/14  Added The Transcendentalists page

8/21/14  Added Mircea Eliade and the Eternal Return page

8/19/14  Added Neo-Paganism vs. the Gnostic Temptation page

8/18/14  Added Gaia page

8/17/14  Added Patriarchy page

8/16/14  Added Neo-Pagan Paths page

7/16/14  Added Are You a Neo-Pagan, Too? page

6/30/14  Added Breathwork page

6/27/14  Added Festivals and Pilgrimage page

5/27/14  Updated the Polytheism

Major revision to the Neo-Paganism Timeline page

Updated the Practices page

Added Altars page

Added Connecting with Nature page

Added Elements of Neo-Paganism page

5/22/14  Added Neo-Paganism Timeline page

Updated Neo-Pagan Groups page

5/13/14  Updated Neo-Pagan Groups page

5/12/14  Added Neo-Pagan Groups page

Updated Resources page, added books and links to papers


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